User-generated video testimonial Software

Video testimonial software, 100% free.

With just a few clicks,  capture user-generated video testimonials from customers - and turn them into beautiful videos to publish & share anywhere - no coding required!

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Video testimonial software that lets your customers power your video marketing.

Forget expensive, complicated and lengthy testimonial video production. Collect video submissions and produce production-grade testimonial videos with the leading HD video testimonial software platform.

 ✅ Share a link to collect video submissions.
Vocal's video testimonial software makes it easy for your respondents to tap in.

 ✅ Make videos marketing-ready.
With just a few clicks, add branding, text overlays (name, title, company), subtitles, and music to make your videos production-grade.

 ✅ Eliminate travel and videographers.  Vocal's video testimonial software makes it 100X cheaper than hiring a production company.

 ✅ Easily embed videos on your website. Build custom embed codes displaying your video testimonials in different formats.

Vocal is on a mission to democratize video production with 100% free video testimonal software.